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Information literacy

Gamification of Libraries…

I was reading Wired Magazine on the train this morning, specifically Jason Fagone’s interesting account of the “Chain World” videogame, when I stumbled on the reference to “Gamification” : McGonigal is the foremost evangelist of gamification; she wrote the best seller Reality Is Broken about the world-changing power of games and promoted it on The Colbert […] Lire la suite


What is research anyway?

Librarians at most university libraries usually fall within the “academic staff” – which means they have, like university professors, not only do their duties, but also perform research and scholarly activities, as service to the community. Sometimes, this will be defined in some kind of document, such as a collective agreement or an institutional policy. […] Lire la suite


Zombies in the Library

AC&RL News provides an account of a comic book published by librarians at McPherson College called Zombie Guide to the Library!. The library community needs a few things: more music, more coffee and definitely, more zombie guides… You have to appreciate the obvious ploy to promote the library (also used recently by the Center for […] Lire la suite

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