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Olivier Charbonneau
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Outfind.ca is Olivier Charbonneau’s other blog, dedicated to his work as a librarian at Concordia University. His primary blog, www.culturelibre.ca, deals with his research interests, namely interactions between the law and the digital world.

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Olivier Charbonneau will be conferred the rank of Senior Librarian by Concordia University as of June 1st 2020. In addition to his work providing library service to the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University since 2003, his research interests live at the intersection of legal and information studies. His doctoral dissertation at the Faculté de droit at the Université de Montréal explored the intersections of various institutional arrangements, most notably between copyright exceptions and licensing practices of Canadian academic libraries. He is actively involved in the library and cultural community since the last millennia, mobilizing his research to discuss questions of open access, common pool resources, social media and the digital transformation of artistic, cultural or creative industries. Over his career, he has assisted institutions in Canada, USA and Europe with the allocation of over 50 million dollars in artistic, cultural or research funding. In addition to his doctoral degree in law, he holds two masters degrees from Université de Montréal, one in information sciences and another in law, as well as an undergraduate degree in commerce from McGill University. He has kept a research blog since 2005 in French at www.culturelibre.ca and a work blog since 2011 in English at OutFind.ca.

Olivier Charbonneau can be reached by email at: o.charbonneauPASDESPAM@concordia.ca (remove “PASDESPAM” ).

Please visit Olivier Charbonneau’s page on SPECTRUM, Concordia University’s institutional repository, to access his publications.

You can also visit Olivier Charbonneau’s YouTube Channel called “Culturelibre” where he posts a mix of lectures, training videos on researching business information and some other stuff.

Olivier Charbonneau’s doctoral studies in law at Université de Montréal attempts to understand the role of limitations and exceptions to copyright with regards to access and use contracts. He is interested in the emergence of legal modalities to access and use digital culture, knowledge or informational goods, such as ebooks, scientific or governmental documentation as well as content distributed freely on the Internet.

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