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A note about ChatGPT

Dear colleagues, (The gist: don’t panic but engage actively with this topic. Always remember that your friendly subject librarian is there to discuss – we even have a helpful guide about ChatGPT: ) Chatbots, abundant intelligence (AI) and other algorithms have impacted librarianship since I’ve started working at Concordia 20 years ago. I remember […] Lire la suite

Health and safety management

This page provides insight to succeed in the course MANA 445 Health & safety management taught in the Fall of 2022 by professor Yu-Shan Hsu. Your final project guidelines were reviewed by Olivier Charbonneau, Senior Librarian at Concordia University, in order to identify the most important sources as well as the best databases to search […] Lire la suite

The Marketing of Food

The resources below are selected by your business librarian to support learning activities for MARK 458 The Marketing of Food, a JMSB course by prof. Jordan Lebel. Resources listed here are mostly from Concordia University Library’s Business Research Portal. These databases provide additional reports, data and sources that you can use to take a deep […] Lire la suite

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Looking for information on occupations and industries in Montréal

Here is a list of resources to locate information about occupations and industry: Montréal International, the business development corporation under the City, offers many sectorial analysis reports, for free on its website. The Chambre de commerce du Montréal métropolitain (CCMM) offers Publications about key industries as well as under RelançonsMtl. Emploi Quebec offers a snapshot […] Lire la suite

Business Communication

If you are taking Business Communication (COMM 205), you are probably a new student at JMSB. This guide is designed by Olivier Charbonneau, Senior Business Librarian at Concordia University, and aims to support the activities planned by your instructor over the semester. Here is a 30 minute video about successfully searching for authoritative and relevant […] Lire la suite

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What are primary sources in business?

According to the Concordia University Library website: A primary source is any original work that is unmediated by external analysis, evaluation, or interpretation. A secondary source is typically an external study of primary sources, usually written retrospectively. A tertiary source typically amalgamates the content found in primary and secondary sources and is less critical or […] Lire la suite