Information literacy

What about grads?

I’ve been working hard on an information literacy program for undergraduate students in the marketing and management departments at Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business (more on that later) but, in recent email exchange with a colleague, I came up with the following themes for graduate students: Off the cuff, this curriculum would obviously […] Lire la suite

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The anatomy of a YouTube tutorial

I am happy to announce the launch of a new batch of tutorials on YouTube, the first of which is on PMB, the print measurement bureau: [youtube] This video follows a new template I have devised for my blended learning initiative to bring information literacy to my students. I want to replace my in-class […] Lire la suite

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e.SCAPE Conference

[youtube] I gave a talk at the e.Scape conference at Concordia University on the topic of : The unexpected journey from a 60 minute lecture to a MOOC: a librarian’s mid-way report Here is the description: Information Literacy can be understood as the curriculum Librarians must curate without a classroom. Traditionally, this has meant organising […] Lire la suite