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What about games in academic libraries?

Reading up on the subject of games in academic institutions Scholarly articles & papers (slightly disorganized) Tappeiner, Elizabeth & Catherine Lyons, (2008) “Selection criteria for academic video game collections“, Collection Building, Vol. 27 Iss: 3, pp.121 – 125 Kane, Danielle, Soehner, Catherine and Wei, Wei. “Building a collection of video games in support of a […] Lire la suite

Assessment Inspiration

DIY User feedback kit for the Indie games licensing for libraries project

Aussi en français: Follow the evolution of this project here: Last year’s Arcade 11 brought an interesting mix of librarians, indie games developers as well as games scholars. Through conversations and exchanges of views, it quickly emerged that libraries required alternative models to make independent games available through their digital collections. Purchasing born-digital […] Lire la suite

Gamification Information Technology Librarianship

Indie Games Licensing: first progress report

Aussi en français: Follow the evolution of this project here: I am very pleased to announce that our project, called Indie Games Licensing, was awarded a Prototype Grant as per the most recent Knight News Challenge. I am absolutely thrilled and thankful towards the Knight Foundation and all my partners for this incredible […] Lire la suite

Gamification Librarianship

Games of libraries past

Interesting article on the games played in libraries of old: Playing in the Past: A History of Games, Toys, and Puzzles in North American Libraries Scott Nicholson The Library Quarterly: Information, Community, Policy Vol. 83, No. 4 (October 2013), pp. 341-361 ABSTRACT Games and other forms of play are used in today’s libraries to attract […] Lire la suite


All fun & games

“Playing Outside” is a great essay by Leigh Alexander in The New Inquiey covers much ground on the role of play and fun in games. An emerging digital ecosystem is emerging outside the contours of classic blockbuster video games. Alexander asserts that: if genuine legitimacy for games lies in the idea that they can be […] Lire la suite


Video games at the MoMA

[ted id=1752] In this TED Talk, Paola Antonelli explains why, as the Museum of Modern Art’s senior curator of architecture and design, she identified 14 games to curate as part of the venerable New York City institution’s permanent collection. The goal is to integrate these games as perfect examples of “interactive design” – a particular […] Lire la suite


New batch of free student-created games

Mia Consalvo, Canada Research Chair in Game Studies & Design at Concordia University, just blogged about her experience in running a graduate course called: COMS 642Q: Cheating, Games, and the Ethics of Play Media (link to course outline). Most interestingly, students had to create a running online game using the ChoiceScript platform. All the student […] Lire la suite


Games in universities

I stumbled on this “virtual” games “museum” (i.e. just a bunch of – althought highly cureated – webpages on the subject) at the University of Waterloo. Also of interest, this company started to publish videogames created by students in a university games program : The company, Utah Game Forge, opened in May and just released its first […] Lire la suite