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Indie games in libraries: preservation and acces

Long term preservation (legal deposit, national bibliographies, literary archives and fonds management) Research and scholarship (academic labs, academic library acquisitions, interlibrary loans, copyright exceptions) Certify & contextualize (publishing, bookstores, fan culture) Access (public libraries & schools)s We discussed a few points from this list… Long term preservation I’ve asked around (informally) about digital preservation initiatives in libraries & […] Lire la suite

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Thoughts on the April 2nd meeting

I wanted to provide an account of our meetup yesterday concerning the indie games in libraries initiative. Thanks to tagsters Kalervo and Michael as well as Valérie Rioux, whom is new to TAG (she is an innovation & games librarian expert) for your insight, ideas and interest in the indie games in libraries initiative! We started the meeting by exploring some ideas […] Lire la suite

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Support our project to get indie digital games in libraries

Suivez l’évolution de ce projet: Follow the evolution of this project here: I am really excited to share with you Concordia’s own Technoculture Art and Games’ (TAG) submission for the Knight Foundation’s News Challenge, here is the link: The goal is to get digital games from small (aka indie) studios into libraries. […] Lire la suite

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Indie Games Licensing for Libraries Presentation

Aussi en français: Follow the evolution of this project here: Here is the presentation I will be delivering to the Knight Foundation about the Indie Games Licensing for Libraries project. This slide explains the main idea behind the project, namely connecting indie developers with libraries through a series of copyright contracts, also called […] Lire la suite

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Meet Alice, the first digital gaming kit for libraries

Aussi en français: Follow the evolution of this project here: Above is a picture of our prototype, codename Alice for a few reasons: it is our “alpha” or A prototype; Alice, in encryption circles, tries to talk to Bob; and it is a “clin-d’oeil” to Lisa, Apple’s first computer with a graphical interface […] Lire la suite