Looking for information on occupations and industries in Montréal

Here is a list of resources to locate information about occupations and industry:

Montréal International, the business development corporation under the City, offers many sectorial analysis reports, for free on its website.

The Chambre de commerce du Montréal métropolitain (CCMM) offers Publications about key industries as well as under RelançonsMtl.

Emploi Quebec offers a snapshot about Trades and Occupations. For a given trade/occupation, you can get the sectors of activity by industry: it provides the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code. You will need this code for other steps!

Emploi Québec offers a monthly bulletin about employment prospects in Montréal.

The Government of Canada’s JobBank is a great place to explore occupations. Start with Trend analysis » Occupations. In addition to the wonderful information on this page, notice how each occupation is given a “code” from the National Occupational Classification or NOC. Let’s build on this with the next step. Let’s look for Computer Software Engineer (NOC 2173) near Montreal.

  • What is the average hourly wage of a software engineer in Montréal?
  • What are the prospects?

Now, you can read up on an industry through a licensed library database, called IBISWorld. This system provides a 20+ page report by industry (NAICS) for Canada, the USA and China.

You can also generate a list of companies in an Industry by using Mergent Intellect, a business directory.

Finally, you can setup an email alert to get trade news from ProQuest Business, a comprehensive business article database licensed by the library.

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