UNESCO launches Media & Information Literacy Online Course

UNESCO annonces the launch of an online course in Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue :

The course will focus on the following subjects:

Intercultural dialogue and citizenship;
Freedom of expression, freedom of information and understanding the news;
Representation and languages in media and information;
Advertising and citizenship;
Information literacy and library skills;
MIL and teaching/learning;
MIL policies and strategies;
Citizens and the media and technologies;
Global media/technologies in an increasingly connected world; and
Internet opportunities and challenges.
The course will be offered through QUT’s online learning system, Blackboard, and via Blackboard Collaborate. Most sessions will be self-directed, with ongoing interaction with the course presenters in the online space. There will be four ‘live’ sessions presented globally by international guest lecturers.

The course is free but enrollment is limited to 50 people. Applicants must fill out a form and submit it before mid-January 2013.

UNESCO and InfoLit

Of greater interest is UNESCO’s interest in IL. According to the United Nations agency :

This online course is part of UNESCO’s strategy to foster media and information literacy in societies, which includes:

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