Zombies in the Library

AC&RL News provides an account of a comic book published by librarians at McPherson College called Zombie Guide to the Library!. The library community needs a few things: more music, more coffee and definitely, more zombie guides…

You have to appreciate the obvious ploy to promote the library (also used recently by the Center for disease control and Prevention), combining comics and zombies.

Of course, I’m really in the undead mood these days, not only because we’re in the middle of a hot & muggy Montréal summer, but also because Fantasia – the best horror/sci-fi/fantastic movie festival ever – is in full swing at Concordia U until the end of the week. The best part is that the library smells of pop-corn every late afternoon as one of the venues is right under the downtown library. And, you know, pop-corn kinda looks like tiny brains….

Must resist the urge to eat brain…….. braaaain… BRAAAIN!!

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