Information literacy

InfoLit under any other name…

Information literacy as a standard has been articulated in various ways, mostly drawing from the seminal work of Bloom and his taxonomy (classification) of learning objectives. Beyond the ACRL standards, which are the omnipresent tool for academic libraries in North-America, one can find the SCONUL (british research libraries) has the 7 pilars model or the […] Lire la suite


E-Learning in Canadian Higher Education

In reading the weekly newsletter from CARL, I stumbled on this blog post from Léo Charbonneau at University Affairs, discussing the following report: Kaznowska, E., Rogers, J., and Usher, A. (2011). The State of E-Learning in Canadian Universities, 2011: If Students Are Digital Natives, Why Don’t They Like E-Learning? Toronto: Higher Education Strategy Associates. Lire la suite


Where did you read that?

Funny thing about using a smart phone for reading tons of sources – magazines, blogs, emails, pdfs, etc – is that I am having a hard time remembering “where” I read something. Actually, I remember where I was when I read it (this train station, this café…) but not the source. Invariably, my brain just […] Lire la suite