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Apps for kids

Two resources of interest on apps for kids: – this great article from MindShift: Apps That Rise to the Top: Tested and Approved By Teachers (this is a radio station in California that has an education K-12 blog) – Also, see the Edululu website, from the great people at TFO, the French-language public broadcaster in […] Lire la suite

Academic Integrity Videos

More academic integrity / plagiarism resources

I’ve recently watched a great video about paraphrasing from the Lehman College’s Leonard Lief Library, located via Sheila Webber: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6T2lZ51iFI&w=560&h=315] Another colleague of mine has been trying to create their own plagiarism / citation videos in French using simple tools, like a voice over of a presentation. The videos are interesting but the sound […] Lire la suite

Assessment Information literacy

Top 20 Library Instruction articles of the year

Interesting, this list of top 20 articles compiled by the Library Instruction Round Table, see page 6 of their latest newsletter. This one seems of particular interest: Stowe, B. (2013). Designing and implementing an information literacy instruction outcomes assessment program. College & Undergraduate Libraries, 20(3-4), 242–276. This case study describes and analyzes the efforts of […] Lire la suite

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Technologies for a flipped classroom

This just came out : the latest “Tips and Trends” report from the Instructional Technologies Committee members of the American College and Research Libraries and the American Library Association. Tips and Trends, written by Instructional Technologies Committee members, introduces and discusses new, emerging, or even familiar technology which can be applied in the library instruction setting. […] Lire la suite